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Ayo- Ayo: The Ayo  or Ayo-Ayo is an African game board. It is a carved wooden, fairly rectangular objects with a total of twelve circular carved pockets arranged in two rows, six pockets in each row. The artifact is very light probably due to the drying out of the wood overtime. The shape of the game board is further accentuated by the triangular shapes that are carved around the circular pockets. Ayo-Ayo is usually played during the day, after work is finished. It’s just a game for the old crowd, in fact, many young children learn how to play Ayo in order to sharpen their math’s skills. Ayo is generally played by people of same age group and gender, meaning men play with men, women play with other women while children play amongst themselves.

Dimensions: Height 20’’ tall, width 5.5” and diameter 1.5”


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