Ife Bronze Head


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Ife Bronze: This extraordinary piece, opens our eyes to the astonishingly realist human figures cast in metal or Terra cottar more than half a millennium ago in the ancient west Africa city of Ife in Yoruba mythology, the city of Ile-Ife situated at southwest of Nigeria, the place where creation took place and the tradition of kingship began. The sculptor superbly evokes both the softness of the flesh of inner life of the king; he seems utterly alive and self- possessed his feature expressing calm, nobility and wisdom. He carries himself with confidence and ease, gazing calmly and alertly with an air of beneficent authority. There, it was that the gods Oduduwa and Obatala descended from Heaven to create the earth and its inhabitant. Oduduwa himself became the first ruler, Oni of Ile – Ife. To this day the Yoruba kings trace ancestry to Oduduwa off all the centers of Africa art, there is none so remarkable for extraordinary accomplishments in many fields of arts as the ancient tow of Ife, the ritual center of the great Yoruba tribe of west Africa. Ife gave its name to this art. Ife art includes Terra-cottar and bronze heads and burst, stone sculpture, stool and religious pieces carved in quartz, monumental granite monoliths, status of human and animals. Both the terra- cotta and bronze pieces belong to a series that has been interpreted by some specialist as idealized portraits.

Height: Approx. 15.75” tall, 6” width and 8” diameter

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Weight 2.10 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 15.75 in


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