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Queen Iden: The late Queen Iden, the beloved wife of Oba Ewuakpe the great. She was the pride of famine gender, that in her days as a Benin royal Queen who stood behind her husband in a turbulent period. She embraced up to the challenges the king found himself when the Benin’s revolted against Oba Ewuakpe. Oba Ewuakpe became the king in the ancient kingdom in about 1700 A.D. His reign was characterized with series of setbacks to the extent that all subjects in the kingdom revolted against him because the king has no respect of human lives which culminated to the mass killing of his subjects. It was during this period that the elders and the citizens of his kingdom could no longer accommodate the excesses of the king, they were compelled not to serve him. This uprising also affected all his wife, the royal slaves and other palace attendants. Queen I den became the only friend of Oba Ewuakpe in that time of needs as she made herself present as the king only hope in time of great calamity as it became apparent that there was no solution to his predicament. The king decided to seek refuge among his mother’s relation, the monarch was rejected in his maternal abode. He came back to Benin city, on arrival of the Oba. Queen Iden saw the hopelessness in her husband the Oba Ewuakpe and decide to something by consulting an oracle on behalf of her husband Oba Ewuakpe to save the calamity that befall the ancient kingdom and its monarch. After a thorough divination by the oracles which concluded that the only thing to do was human sacrifices for peace of the kingdom and the restoration of its throne. On finding the solution to the problem, Queen Iden gave the message of the god to his majesty to the king in their empty harem. The message of the oracle seems to worsen the situation because no other human being in his palace. In absence of any other person, Queen Iden paid the ultimate price by shedding her own blood, if only that will appease the ancestral spirits of the land of Benin to restore the kingdom back to the monarch. Before Queen Iden voluntarily offered herself to the sacrifice, she requested favor from the king that he should make sure her grave side is kept clean at all time. She also cautioned that no person should tread on her grave and if such trespasser should be killed in that sport as a mark of respect for her blessed remembrance.  That promise is still kept up to this day. As soon as Oba Ewuakpe finished the sacrificial rituals, the entire kingdom was reconciled back to the king and remained loyal to the royal majesty till the end of his reign. Iden’s grave is one of the stations procession ceremonies in Benin City pay homage today.

Height: Approx. 23 x 7” tall 7 width 8.57”and 8.5”

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